The Biofeedback Society of Illinois was formed and is operated as a not-for-profit corporation, chartered by the State of Illinois. The society was formed in 1976 to provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas, methods, and clinical experience regarding biofeedback training and it's application to related disciplines.

BSI's mission is to advance the use of biofeedback training in educational, scientific, and clinical arenas; to educate professionals and the public; and to provide guidelines and peer review regarding practice standards, ethics, and provider criteria.

The management of the society is vested in a Board of eleven Directors. The members of the board of directors consist of eleven voting members, six members-at large, the President, the President-elect, the immediate Past-president, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. The Secretary, Treasurer, and members at-large serve for a term of two years. The terms of President and President-elect are from the annual meeting of the membership to the next annual meeting of the membership. The annual meeting of the Board of Directors is held at the same place and immediately after the annual conference of the membership. Other regular board meetings are held at least quarter-annually.

The membership represents a variety of disciplines and various geographical regions in Illinois. The largest constituency is in the greater Chicago metropolitan area, but areas such as Rockford, central, and southern Illinois are also represented. The primary disciplines that are represented include counseling and psychology, social work, physical and occupational therapy, nursing, and education. Our members include those that are licensed in their discipline, and may not be certified in biofeedback, and also those that are trained in unlicensed disciplines and have certification in biofeedback. The multidisciplinary complexion of our membership provides for rich and valuable professional relationships which help to fuel the mission of this organization.

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