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August, 2000

Dear Colleague:

The Board of Directors has been putting great effort into expanding ways to communicate to members of the Biofeedback Society of Illinois as well as the public at large. People can communicate with us through our e-mail address,, or our web site, We desire your input for the enlivenment of the Society and biofeedback as a discipline.

Legal advisement was sought regarding the Specialty Provider List which is a way for BSI members to advertise their biofeedback specialty areas. The Specialty Provider form needs to be completed and submitted along with a completed 2000 BSI membership form. Due to the effort and time spent getting the e-mail and web site up and running properly, we are making an adjustment in the Specialty Provider List fee time frame. Your 2000 fee will remain current through your 2001 membership. The charge for inclusion on the online Specialty Provider List is separate from the membership fee. Please mail the BSI membership form and the Specialty Provider form with your check(s) to Jerry Lidsky.

The BSI board members are committed to the use of biofeedback and have completed plans for the Fall 2000 BSI meeting. Its concentration will be effective, nondrug treatments for children and adolescents: a focus on ADD/ADHD. The detrimental use and abuse of Ritalin in the treatment of attention deficit (ADD/ADHD) has been given recent media coverage and has signaled the need to have this topically oriented program. Newsweek and Natural Health are two magazines supporting the use of neurobiofeedback as a treatment of ADD. On October 21, 2000, Steve Kassel, MA, MFCC; 1998-1999 President of the California Biofeedback Society, will speak about implementing programs in the CA school system, including EEG biofeedback, outcomes, efficacy and cost effectiveness. Robert Schleser, PhD, Professor of Clinical Child Psychology and Sport Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, an expert on childhood cognition and stress in children and athletes, will talk about presenting differential diagnosis, normal behavior based on age and gender, and ADD/ADHD. Jeffery Sroka, MD, Pediatrician, will open the program with a discussion about the prevalence of the disorders he sees in his practice and the pill dilemma use, misuse and parental concerns.

The Board of Directors is excited about the web site, Specialty Provider List, and our October conference. We need your input to keep current. Use the e-mail address to help us meet your needs.

We hope to hear from you soon and are looking forward to seeing you at the October 21, 2000 conference. Invite your patients, parents, school principals and teachers, colleagues, nurses, doctors, psychologists and any other interested parties to join us at the conference.


Helen M. Lower, PhD., R.N.
President, Biofeedback Society of Illinois

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