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October, 9 1999

Dear BSI member:

This letter is to inform and update you regarding the actions of the BSI board of directors. Due to the earlier than normal Fall conference, our yearís activity will end as of this Saturday, October 16th culminated with a visit and presentation by Dr. Wickramasekera, the current AAPB president. At this time we will also conduct our election for openings on our board of directors and will welcome a changing of guard.

The end of the year has come quickly and Iím pleased to report that we have been successful in meeting our goal of initiating a new millenium focus. I know this term is being used much these days but I do feel it is quite appropriate for what our organization is experiencing and needing. We concluded by the end of last year that we needed to make changes to some of the traditions of BSI due to the changes that have evolved over the years in membership size, participation in continuing education programming, and the health care financing milieu. We also needed to respond to, and utilize, the surge in communication technology to assist us in our transformation endeavor. Our primary focus was to utilize the internet for both communicating to the public and for communicating between ourselves. Our web site has been on-line since July, and most of the board members have been utilizing email to promote quicker turn around and greater efficiency in our endeavors.

We envisioned having at least two initial phases for the development of the web site. Phase I includes a basic information framework including an introduction to biofeedback and the BSI, an e-mail connection to us for inquiries, an advertising avenue for our conferences, and a referral service for our membership. The referral service is not yet complete but should be up and running very soon. The initial referral service fee to members will be $20 beginning in January 2000. We see the second phase as needed for further development of our public education and member support initiatives. Beyond this the opportunities are endless and I look forward to seeing the products of our future boardís creativity.

What has become so apparent to me this year, and to anyone who has been involved in organizational efforts, is how hard it is to do great work with only a few people. But at the same time, Iíve been reminded how good it feels to get work done that supports a common cause. I would like all of you to consider assisting us in our public education and member support initiatives this year. If you want to see more patients being referred to biofeedback therapy, if you want to see improved insurance coverage for biofeedback therapy, if you would like to see greater exposure in the media for biofeedback therapy we need you all to contribute in ways you feel you are able. We will be calling upon you this year so our combined efforts can improve the understanding of, the exposure of, and the support of, clinical biofeedback and applied psychophysiology in the new millenium. I know all of our lives are quite busy and full, but I ask you to consider how important it is to your work for biofeedback to have support in this great state of Illinois.


Valerie Butter Braschel, MS, BCIAC, Fellow
President, Biofeedback Society of Illinois

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