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August 14, 2007

Dear Members and Past Members,

Enclosed is your membership renewal application. Please note any information that may have changed from last year and also indicate your desire to be placed on the biofeedback practitioners' registry. The registry, located on the BSI website (address in italics above) and circulated to current members, will help the public locate biofeedback practitioners in their area.

We are pleased to inform you that we are able to maintain our membership dues at a low $30.00 per year. This includes a listing on the online specialty provider list, previously an additional $30.00 per year. You may of course elect to join and not be listed on the website. This may serve the needs of those members who are involved in research but not practicing, or those who have retired. We are suggesting a Daylight Savings Time date, November 4 deadline. After that date, we will delete names of past members or those who have not paid the annual fee.

The BSI Board strives to meet the needs of all society members. As always, if there are any ways in which we can better meet your needs and/or if you have any suggestions for the Board, we would be glad to hear from you. Last year's member responses to the president's questionnaire included: several individuals who were interested in attending a BSI conference, one who favored a nationally known biofeedback speaker, and another who favored the following topics: HRV, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, pediatrics. Another recommended that BSI function in an advocacy role rather than continuing education. This individual recommended educating the public and insurance companies. Please feel free to add comments or suggestions to your membership renewal application. Anyone interested in becoming more involved with BSI by speaking at a future conference and/or becoming a board member, please contact me at 708-531-7962.


Judy Meredith, OTR/L, BCIAC, BCIA-PMDB

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