Membership provides a variety of avenues for broadening one's knowledge base and for keeping in step with current practices and consumer needs.

Membership provides:

  • Statewide Network
  • Referral Service
  • Website Resource
  • Public Education
  • Opportunity for Involvement

The future of biofeedback therapy is dependent on the research and it's assimilation, but also on the strength and depth of it's provider network. BSI is committed to serving as a bridge for biofeedback providers in Illinois to further their relationships with not only each other, but with other professionals as well.

BSI provides members with a consumer Specialty Provider List based on location and speciality. This allows interested consumers to hopefully find providers in their region, and to find providers that can also serve their particular needs. This information is accessed either through the web site Specialty Provider List, or by our voice mail phone line, 708-531-7962. This service for members requires a fee of $30.00 per year. For those members wishing to join and not be listed, that is also an option.

Membership also supports public education efforts that benefit all providers by doing something that most providers don't have time for: informing the public regarding the efficacy and viability of biofeedback therapy.

Besides these specific services BSI serves as a state resource for assisting consumers and providers in receiving information and materials regarding clinical applications, current technology, insurance coverage, and provider training.

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